Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Angel Eyes Tear Remover Being removed from some store shelves.

Due to some of the ingredients not being FDA approved, some stores are pulling Angel Eyes Tear Remover off their shelves.  From what I'm hearing it's due to some ingredients not being FDA approved.  So that makes me question if this is really safe for your dog.  I know this product works and a lot of people use it.  But if you do use it really look into it before you continue to do so, for your pets safety and yours.  Let me know if any one here's anymore on this and if I do I'll update everyone.  For more info on this check out Angel Eyes for dog Recall


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that someone is finally telling dog/cat lovers about this product. Last year, the UK banned and seized the product from shelves. Here's a link. I've also heard that FDA is doing searches in US pet stores trying to remove this product. Petsmart also removed it.

Here's the link the the UK FDA:

Anonymous said...

Angels eyes is illegal because the active ingredient, Tylosin, does not have a Marketing Authority for dog or cat use.

In short, the makers Eli Lilly aka Elanco never applied to have it legally tested for dog or cat use as they were only interested in live stock.

This means that tylosin is only FDA approved for livestock and not for dog or cat use- the Angels Eyes site tries to make it look like tylosin is approved- sure it is but not for dogs or cats which who they are selling it for.

The FDA consider that products such as Angels Eyes, Angels Glow, Clear Tears and so on are all illegal. Sadly the size of the US means that banning these products will take some time.

Tylosin may only be prescribed by a vet under very specific conditions- they must demonstrate that they have tried FDA approved products first before turning to tylosin- this process is know as the Extra Label Rule.

The UK didn't technically ban it- they decided to enforce the existing laws and clamp down it.

It is a shame that people still use it given that there are many natural alternatives such as Angels Delight by Bichon Hotel and NaturVet's tear stain supplement

Anonymous said...

I have been using Angel Eyes on my Maltese/Poodle for three years. It has been very effective for her tear stains. When we rescued a Yorkie/Maltese in April, I started giving it to her also. In January we found out that our she has liver disease. The vet was unable to give us a definate reason for her being sick. Shortly after the diagnosis I went to the pharmacy where I have been buying angel eyes. I was surprised to find that it was no longer being sold. When I asked why, I was told that it can no longer be imported to Canada in the original formula as it has the ingredient Tylosin in it.
I was curious to know what effect Tylosin could have had on my dogs and was told that it may have caused liver disease in some dogs. Needless to say, I am upset by the thought that this cosmetic treatment has potentially made one of my dogs chronically ill. Our other dog has not yet been tested for liver disease. I hope I haven't poisoned her too!

Lorie Lund said...

My sweet loveable yorkie just died from complications caused by angel eyes! He got an eye infection then urethral stones then a horrible surgery and died 6 days after surgery, April 07, 2013 at 9pm. He suffered greatly! This was sold at a pet store and a judge owns this store. I am suffering from traumatic guilt over this and can't stop crying. I know my baby would want to help other dogs. I am just so sad that I gave him this horrible product! I want it removed and made very well known! I need to decide what to do with my baby's remains and I would like someone to perform research on him but LSU vet hospital won't take him. If anyone knows of someone who is trying to research this drug sold over the counter, please let me know. You can contact me at or call my cell: 504-908-0983

Wildflower said...

To Lorie Lund,

I'm so very sorry for your loss. It was not your fault - it isn't illegal in the U.S. yet, even though they are starting to pull it off the shelves. You didn't know it would hurt your dog because if you did know, you wouldn't have used it. Please try to think of the many happy memories you and your baby shared -- and please try not to feel guilty -- you did NOTHING wrong.