Sunday, January 31, 2010

Natural way of getting rid of fleas.

So once the weather starts warming up, wonderful flea season will sneak it's ugly head apon us once again.  Lately their have been numerous stories online about flea medicines killing animals because of counterfeit product being made over in china.  Their are numerous ways to kill fleas using some of your own house hold items.  I have 5 ways to get rid of fleas on your animal, house and yard.

1.  Dawn Dish Soap, Yes Dawn works wonders to kill fleas immediately on the body of the animal.  It works so well I sometimes wonder why I don't invest in their stock during flea season (lol)  Now here is the way to bath your dog or cat.  Start at face (just watch out for the eyes, nose and mouth area) Scrub it in well and work slowly toward the tail and using a flea comb comb off all the dead ones.  (That's when you will be shocked).  Now as your washing from the face toward the tail the fleas are all fleaing toward the other part of the body thats when you scrub the soap in and comb them.

2.  Know for the house.  With this next technique you can work day and night with half the work.  First during the day use your vacuum and cut up a flea collar and but it in the bag or bag less part and start vacuuming.  What this does is kills the fleas as they go in the vacuum because when you vacuum with out the collar in it, the fleas can sometimes crawl back out when you turn it off.  Second for while your asleep take a bowl of water and stir some dawn dish soap in it and a lil lemon juice and put a desk lamp hovering over it.  The heat and lemon draws them to the bowl and they crawl in and die from the dawn soap.  Use for about a week and you might see no more fleas.

3.  For your yard you can use lemon to to spray your yard for a natural way to kill them.

4.  Also to get rid of fleas on your dogs bedding or dog house you can use cedar chips to repel the fleas.

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The vacuum trick worked grea for me thanks Cramer