Friday, January 29, 2010

Durable dog toy for a crazy junkyard chewer.

I know this toy has been around a while and doesn't receive the notice that it deserves I thought I would take a moment and tell about the benefits of this toy.  This toy is made for a hard durable rubber (that's why the name is Tire Biter)  These toys I have recommended to pit bulls and mastiffs.  As we all know those are some of the most destructible chewers out their.  Now just like every toy, their are some dogs out their that can destroy them.  ( I yet to meet one).  These Tires come in many sizes and some come with ropes but I don't recommend them because if the rope is worn down a little the dog will pick at the hole were the rope was at.  You even can play fetch with these and they float, so you can have fun at the lake with these.  You can click the linkpicture and go to amazon and see it for sale.  So give this dog toy a try and see the
indestructibility of this dog toy and trust me you won't be sorry.

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