Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why keeping up on trimming your dogs nails matters.

So alot lately I see people bringing in their dogs to get their nails done.  Most people wait way to long to bring their pets in usually 5 months is the average.  What people don't realize is that when you wait that long your dogs quik grows longer also which makes it so the nail can't be cut as much because it will bleed a lot easier.  You should do your dogs nails every 4 weeks or so is usually best.  That way all you have to do is cut a little off and your all done.  I hate it when I see people that wait til their nail has grown into their paw pads, just cruel.  Yes your dog wears them done when they are playing but that usually isn't enough.

Whats best to use to cut nails?  Well first off all theirs a product called the Quik finder and it supposedly alerts you when you are close to the quik, but honestly this product doesn't work all that well I get many complaints about it. The first picture of the nail trimmer is the one you want to use it makes a clean cut on the nail and is easier to grip and get a good view of the nail.  The Second one the guillotine is cheaper for a reason lol, it tends to break the nail which causes bleeding and is messy to stop, also you have to hold it at a weird angle.
So go with th regular nail trimmer.

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