Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do you use Dog coats or do you think dogs need them? Or Build a dog house

So i get many mixed feeling from people about putting coats on their dogs.  Many good and many bad.  For some dogs it's not necessary to put a coat on but then you have your more gentle breeds on dogs that shiver in the cold and don't have a lot of fur to protect them from the harsh winter.  My dog is a 70lbs Shepard mix and I put a coat on him because he gets chilly when walked outside and it quite obvious that he is cold.  Think of it this way would you be ok with someone telling you, you don't need a coat because you have thick body hair.  Dogs are meant to stay warm with their fur coats but breeding over the year can make the dog a little less tolerable to the cold because their are more and more a house pet not an outdoor animal like used before.  With the many dog breeds out their that don't do good with the cold you need to get a coat for them.  For out door dogs you can always build a dog house if you go to this site their are some great ideas for building one.  Easy plans to build a dog house!.
The site shows many good ideas on different ways to build a dog house.  I Love it.


Anonymous said...

I think it's up to the owner. Sure small breeds are more likely to have negative effects from the cold, but it's not to say that large breeds shouldn't wear coats. It better to see a dog out in a coat than not see him out at all. That is what is more important in the long run, that people are actually WALKING their dogs.

Cramer said...

Thank you for the comment!

I would have to totally agree I don't think enough people wal their dogs. I know when I take my dog for a walk twice a day for 5 blocks, I rarely ever see a dog out and about and it's sad.