Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kong Braidz Plush Toy

It's been a couple of days since I posted any toy reviews.  I have seen this toy around for a while and decided to get it and see how my dog handles it.  That reminds me this week i'm going to be looking in to how to hook my video camera up so I can do videos on toys.  YAAAA!!! Videos Coming Soon!!!.
   Ok so back to the toy review.  These toys are great for gentle dogs and that have supervision with the toy.  Given the opportunity my dog had already ripped an arm off. That was within 5 minutes of having in.  But for things like fetch and tug o war, it's a great toy.  It can be thrown in the washer to clean it.  Having the body being braided makes it a little more durable for tugging.  Let me know if you have used this toy and what you think.

I give this toy 7 paws out of 10!!

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