Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best thing for: I cut my dogs nail and it's bleeding what should I use?

So a lot and I mean a lot of people have this problem when they decide they want to cut their dogs nail.  You will clip one a little to short and make it bleed.  So what can you use to stop the bleeding here's a list.  Ever since the dremel like nail sanders.  Honestly those dremel tools and pedipaws don't work with all dogs so beware.  Alot of dogs are afraid of the noise that is made by it.  Even if they are ok with the noise good luck getting your dog to stand still long enough for you to be able to sand all their nail.
Remember your dog can bleed to DEATH if bleeding isn't stopped.

1. Flour
2. Styptic powder
3. Quick Stop 
4. Cornstarch

After using one of these make sure your dog keeps of his feet for a little while.  If your dog is allowed to get the blood flow down will push out the stuff used to clog the bleeding.  Also check out some durable dog toy ideas here at my other website

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