Saturday, January 30, 2010

New way on how to get rid of pet urine, Check out this recipe!!

So I know everyone is always looking for a new way to get rid of pet odors well wit this recipe PeeAway! has been know to be effective against urine odors on rugs and carpets, upholstery, clothing, closets, blankets, baseboards, wooden floors, vinyl flooring, basements, outdoor decks and kennels.  The price is very inexpensive and the recipe consist of product that everyone has in their house.  Just think it cost pretty much the same to buy a cleaner from the store that may not work.  With this Recipe you could have the solution on hands at all time and recreate it for far less then traveling to the store and spending $10 on a bottle.  From the website it list  So check out their site PeeAway! Formula Here

Benefits of Using the PeeAway! Formula:

• Helps neutralize pet urine odors
• Prevents Pet Urination in Specific Areas
• It’s Affordable, because you make it yourself
• Long Lasting
• Safe to Use
• Easy to Apply
• Proven Effective
• Can be Used Indoors & Outdoors
• Instant Results
• It Works Like An Invisible Shield
• Never Need To Buy Again!
• No Shipping Fees

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