Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gentle Leader or Halti. Why not to use a pinch or choke collar.

Premier Pet Products Medium Gentle Leader Headcollar- BlueHalti Headcollar Black Size 1So recently their has been alot of popularity in halti's and Gentle Leaders.  Both are great products but each one has it's ups and down's.  The first picture is a Gentle Leader, how both these work is just like a horse head piece, it uses the old saying "were the head goes you go".  It uses the two bands to control the head and pulls your dogs face towards you when it starts pulling, which defeats why a dog pulls.

Why dogs pull is a easy one to answer they pull because they are determined to get to something.

The Gentle Leader is great especially the safety attachment that hooks to the dogs collar in case they slip out of it.  The only other problem I have with this is when my dog shakes his lead comes undone from the gentle leader it's self.

The Halti is a great product to but doesn't have the safety attachment.  But I have had very good luck with it not slipping off.  This product does a great job stopping your dog from pulling.

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Do not use Choker collars, pinch collars.  These collars are inhumane and can cause serious injury to the dog if not used properly.  They can cause damage or puncture wounds to the throat and neck or even collapse wind pipes in dogs.

How to use these products.  Put the head collar on your dog when they eat, walk and other short periods of time so that the dog gets use to the collar being on.  Yes they are going to dig at ti for a little while and some a week or so.  Then walk your dog on your right side, with your dog walking side by side with you.  When the dog starts to pull or mess wit the collar just give a little tug so it takes their attention off of it.  Then when returning from your walk take it off and give them a treat and even you can give them a treat before putting it on.

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