Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The best bone that is indestructible, doesn't splinter and can be filled with treats.

Sterilized beef bones is what i'm talking about.  These bones are great my dog has about 5 of them and the oldest is about a little over a year and their are a few divets made in it.  These are practically indestructible except you do have some dogs out their that are the jaws of life and can take these done but very few.  These bones are alot better than rawhide because these don't usually break in to smaller pieces like rawhide and we all know puppies under a year old can't digest rawhide.  You can also fill these bones with fillers.

List of what you can fill the bone with:
Peanut Butter.
Cheese whiz.
Rice and peanut butter
Kong Filler
                                   and many more......

So check these bones out their better than rawhide, compressed rawhide, knuckle bones.  They go for a cheap price and usually any retail store sells them or even amazon does.

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