Sunday, January 17, 2010

My dog is chewing everything how do I get them to stop?

Fooey Training Aid (8 fl. oz.)Bitter Apple for Dogs (8 oz)Both these products are great for stopping your dog from chewing your most favorite possessions.  Well i'll help compare these two products.  Fooey is great for dogs and even human habits.  Just take fooey and spray it on the object that you want your dog to stop chewing.  Warning: wear gloves while applying this taste horrible when you get it on your hands.  Fooey can also be used to help stop biting your fingernails.  It also can be spray around a wound to help the animal stop chewing it.

Bitter apple from what I hear from people doesn't work as well and they end up switching to fooey because bitter apple is ineffective.  Don't get me wrong people do have good luck but it's mostly with Fooey.

Let me know what you use to help stop your pet from biting or chewing.

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