Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great interactive dog toy the GoDogGo Tennis Ball Launcher

I came across the dog toy, it's called the GoDogGo Tennis Ball Launcher.  It's a very durable toy that can be powered by batteries or even plugged into the wall.  This dog toy also comes with a remote or you can switch to an automatic setting that launches a ball every 7 to 15 seconds. Also you can set the distance of 15 to 30 feet on this dog toy so it can be used practically anywhere.  With the 6 D batteries it can be used up to 5 hours of continuous play with your dog.  My dog goes crazy when I pull this machine out.  I have also trained my dog to put the tennis balls in the bucket so he can pretty much entertain himself which is great just to sit back and relax and watch him entertain himself with his new favorite dog toy.  This toy retails for $119.95, which I know your thinking this cost a lot of money but trust me its worth it, especially to burn some energy of your puppy.  Check out this site to buy it or receive info GoDogGo Tennis Ball Launcher

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Nimita Daftary said...

Hey thanks a lot for sharing this. I was looking for articles to buy pet toys and i came across your post. I really loved GoDogGo Tennis Ball Launcher I am so putting it down on the want list for Joss (my dog).