Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Personal favorite for 2009 The Premier Busy Buddy Tug a Jug.

So for 2009 after deciding between so many choices I narrowed it down to this toy.  This has to be by far the greatest dog toy ever.  This toy can be filled with food from the twist off bottom and then becomes a puzzle for you dog.  The top has a rope coming out of it that only allows a small portion of food to come through so the dog has to work at it.

The Bottle is made from a very hard durable plastic.  Dogs can chew and chew on this and no breaks.  The only thing on this toy that needs to improve is the rope that is in  out of it can be chewed off very easily, but can also be replace easily also. T heir's also another version with a plastic fake rope but that is a much easier thing to chew off.  The rope is easy to replace if it breaks or gets destroyed.  This will keep your dog busy for hours.  Even great for those dogs who eat to fast this makes a great pacer for fast eaters.

They retail in stores for about $14.99.

                      I give this  toy 9 paws out of 10.

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